Expert knowledge is the way to good lighting – and better economy

What is good lighting – and what are the possible cost savings?

Modern street lighting is far more than just good light. It is also intelligent light that is climate friendly and saves energy.

Recent technology, such as the LED-technology, has changed the market radically and large amounts could be saved by implementing modern lighting infrastructures. The LED-technology provides a much more efficient lighting source (lumen/watt) and a very precise optic, which only illuminates a selected area – and thereby minimizes waste of light. Furthermore the lifetime of LED-lighting is much longer than conventional lighting sources.

Besides the actual lighting source, the lighting control technology plays a significant role in how you setup a modern and cost-saving lighting infrastructure. An intelligent lighting control system dims and lights up your urban space in accordance to need, and also reports system errors and relevant information back to you automatically.

Large amounts can be saved on outdoor lighting, and we know from strong practical experience within most recent technology how to optimize outdoor lighting infrastruce by choosing the right technology that fits your exact need.






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